Audiovisual communication for websites & social networks.

Photos & video4K, studio, editing & post-production, websites & social networks.

Precision photography and videography for expertise and commercial estimate:
The Panasonic GH5 films in 4K, 4: 2: 2
and the Nikon D7100 is without low-pass filter for more precision. see equipment & material photos video

Videos and photos for performing arts and theater professionals

My video equipment: 4K, 4: 2: 2 and photo: BSI CMOS 24 Mpx allows you to immortalize your representations professionally:

Macha Daudel - Sarah.O : "Humanimal"

Professional discretion

I work alone, no delegation. Your photos and videos are private and will be viewed only by me and you.
Here, a moment of intimacy during a private shooting. Thank you Sabrina for this beautiful photo .

Animal pictures

Shadow and penumbra photographs

Taking photos and videos in low light.

Louis&Mathias Beyler "TEXTE À L'APPUI"

Make money with photos & videos of your body

Men and women alike, your body can be the source of fame and profit. I will highlight the strengths you present to me.

Sports videos

Photos of you - now?

Keep photos and videos of you and your loved ones. Prices for non-commercial uses are not high.
Do it now because the lifestyle can have surprises in store for you. Thanks to Robin for this improvised shoot .

Photos men and women


A twenty-first century dedicated to audiovisual
I learned with film photography since 14 years old and worked for 25 years with digital. The obviousness of the digital image as a dominant means of expression has imposed itself during my professional career.
Without commercial chatter , I can ensure the shooting, the production and the broadcasting of your audiovisual communications .
Contact: François Lopez - communication audiovisuelle
SIREN 790 681 563 RCS NÎMES
Adress: 6 rue de la vièle
City: Gallargues-le-Montueux
Postal code: 30660
For simple information send me an email at François Lopez . I usually respond within 24 hours. If you already have a project and want an oral estimate of the cost call me +33 614586260

Audiovisual production

Communication Audiovisuelle

Audiovisual production for websites & social networks. Photos & video4K, studio, editing & post-production. Companies, communities and associations.

I produce:

  • photos,
  • videos,
  • websites
  • admin/editor for social accounts

But I can also work on existing footage and broadcast media.

Free travel 10-15km around Gallargues-le-Montueux