Sports videos

I can follow you very closely in a lot of extreme situations.

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Sports videos

Federation of Canine Sports and Leisure

Rasetter training

Thomas Dumont, a professional rasetter

Promotional video extract

Arrival Tour du France 2016 in Vergèze (Gard, Occitanie)

Arrival Tour du France 2016 in Vergèze

Tour de France 2016 in Vergèze

Sailboat "Thalassacup" in the Golf du Lion

Return delivery of a sailboat


promotional video for a sports club
Transporting a sailboat from Hyères to Port-Camargue
Passage of the Tour de France to Vergèze (Gard dept.) On July 14, 2016
GARD 'O DOG: canicross of January 10, 2021

4K 50fps videos in ALL-INTRA

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Excellent video quality

The HC-X1000 camera can shoot in UHD with 50 frames per second with excellent quality (All-Intra encoding) for possible post-production work

Exterior and interior

I am quite athletic and I could follow you in many situations: in the air, in the mountains or at sea.

Multiple cameras

If possible, I have several types of larger or smaller cameras that can be placed on your route or on you.