Human photography

Women, men, modeling, fashion, report on you.

Use: photos for a professional book for modeling or shows. Photos of YOU in a professional situation: photo report. "Artistic" photos of your human qualities.

Human photography

Beautiful Aurora

Shooting for a hairdressing and makeup website

After passing through the expert hands in hairdressing and makeup of Johanna Rouanet, here is Aurore.


The day before the competition

Several flahs to sculpt the shadows in front of a black fabric.

Life at high speed!

White background with 2 softbox flashes

Robin, a young man insatiable with curiosity.

Lover of life

A model actress who loves kitties

A relaxed athlete

Yves, a salesperson who knows that his physique is decisive

3 SB-910 flashes and a black cloth.

Individual photograph

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You can take great photos, without a lot of equipment, in your home or a place you love. However, in the majority of cases it will take a trial session and spend some time together for your style to show itself. It's up to you to direct me, more or less explicitly, to what you want. In general, I am fairly attentive.


Photos in activity - reportage

If your desire is to have photos of yourself in professional or leisure activity (riding a horse, for example), the session can be limited to this activity.