Sport photography

Outdoor or indoor sports. Close subject tracking or telephoto.

Note: Until today I am quite athletic and I can follow you in many situations carrying all the necessary photo / video equipment.

Sports photography

Urban cross-training

Vergeze crosstraining

A sports club in Occitanie organizes an urban cross-training.

Photo weight machine

Bodybuilding room

Highlight the machine, here a machine for quadriceps.


Shooting while running

I can follow you during sporting events.



The educator teaches the children to thank the horses by giving them a hug.

Tour de France Vergèze

Arrival in Vergèze

First rider of a stage of the Tour de France, July 14, 2016.

Hyères sailboat conveying

At sea, we don't see the time passing ...

La Ciotat for a 20-hour delivery without sleeping.

Mechanical and outdoor sports

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Telephoto lens

For mechanical sports, a telephoto lens with movement tracking and a large aperture will allow you to capture your performance.

In contact with the athlete

Outdoor or indoor sports, I prefer shorter goals and follow the athlete closely. The impression of participating in the performance is stronger!

Land-air-sea photos

I am quite athletic and I can follow you, with my equipment, in the mountains, at sea or in a private plane.