Web sites

Website creation and associated production of photos & videos to charm your visitors.
static website

Static websites

Optimal referencing of your organization - association - institution:

Website showroom

Beautiful product photos

Website for convenience stores

Small businesses

Big multilingual website
Unique website, for artist

Zencreation.org - The works of the artist painter of Elsa Bely

seasonal rental

ZenHolidays.fr - Luxury rentals

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I produce photos & videos for your websites


Web site example showing artistic paintings

Photos and videos for the painter Elsa Bely , zencreation.org . The site served as a showcase during international exhibitions where you could not transport everything.



Web site example for vacation location

For example the photos and videos for this rental site which wanted to stay outside the circuit of the major rental platforms.

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Example of a large thematic site

vignes-et-vin.com Bilingual, feature articles with different authors, files tourism and news blog. Posting of posts on facebook.

A comprehensive international thematic site which allows you to know a lot about vines and wine and also to earn money . Prestigious wineries have purchased a page from this site to advertise and attract people to sell their wines. You have several examples below. You can create a site on a theme, populate it so that it gets a lot of visits, and then prospect to sell pages to the businesses involved.