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Movement of the camera along the object, to gradually discover its shapes and colors.

Note: Often used for artistic objects.
ANNE SCHRECK : Assiette terre vernissée,18cm
Anne Schreck : grand groupe de danseurs, 40-50cm
Anne Schreck : bol petit banc de poissons, 8cm
Anne Schreck : Boite raku bleu de cuivre

Artistic video of objects

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N)1: Slow scan at close range, along the object with a camera that allows depth of field (slight blur at the edges). N°2: The same effect, in post-production with the After-effect software which can apply a virtual camera to a large format photograph. For objects around 50cm, the photo will be the most effective solution.


Examples with the sculptures of the artist Anne Schreck

Several examples of scanning from a photo are presented on the artist's youtube channel Anne Schreck.