Video interview

Close-up, the interview allows you to emphasize your words with your attitude and your facial expressions

Note: For commercial use write an assignment of intellectual property rights to a work.

Videos interview

Reporting and interviews

Interview with Robert Rocca, famous sculptor from Occitania

“Artist Workshops - Sunday October 11, 2020”

Interview with green background (chromakey)

Roger Julien, politician from Occitanie

1st and 2nd containment Occitanie 2020


Close up for attention

Facial expressions - by Louis Beyler

Interview with insertion in a 3D scene

Sanitary confinement in 2020 in Occitanie Roger Julien
Facial expressions
Video technique: 3D + green background
Robert Rocca Artist Workshops


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Shooting in situation

The GH5 and HC-X1000 cameras allow a good depth of field (sharp subject, blurred background) which isolates the subject. The AT875R cardioid microphone will isolate the sound from the voice.

Shooting with green background

The green background will be erased in post-production and replaced by what you want: photo, video or a 3D scene. Very practical when you want to precisely explain something, an educational course, a financial project, learning with a tool etc.

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Green background in studio and at home

The shots in the studio will be preferred because all the shooting and computer equipment is on site but we can transport the green backgrounds with certain lighting and cameras to your home.