packshot photography

Photographs of artistic objects, industrial products, photographic composition.

Use: photos intended for the sale of products on a website or a printed brochure. Photograph of an artistic work to sell the photo (copyright assignment contract) or show your work (web & printing).

Packshot photography

Flashes and diffused light on a black background

Flashes and diffused light on a white background

To have a uniform white background without shadow, you must use a combination of flahs and continuous light.

Large diffuser cube

This large cube allows you to have light without shadows.

"The bather" by artist Anne Schreck

"Blue balls" by artist Anne Schreck

"Luminous village" by artist Anne Schreck

Product photography

For all your flyers, sales website etc.

Photograph of objects - pack-shot

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Industrial products

Photograph of your products to present them in a sales brochure (I also produce brochures with Indesign) or a website (for example a showcase site ), for sale.


Artistic objects

When the objects are works of art such as sculptures here, the photography may have copyright. It will be necessary to enter in the invoice a "transfer of copyrights".